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“Haley’s trying to deal with having Dan around and deciding whether she’s going to let this person back in her life and into her family’s life.

And Nathan is away, and that’s taking a huge toll on their relationship.

She has an incredible voice, one of those voices that you hear and you think that person should be on Broadway. ET Wednesdays) Schwahn developed a story line in which Haley started performing in a local club and then went on tour.

When we catch up with her in the premiere, she’s enjoying her growing family and the new/old business she shares with Brooke (Sophia Bush).We visited while cast member Austin Nichols was directing the 7th episode of the season, and our first day on set afforded us the chance to watch Bethany Joy Galeotti film emotional scenes with her returning pal Chad Michael Murray.Yes, Lucas and Haley’s BFFdom has endured despite his absence (and the fact that he never returned any of her letters — a fact that plagued Murray a bit when he read the script).Hers was the last principal role cast in the show’s ensemble, and to clearly set her apart from blond, curly-haired co-star Hilarie Burton, Lenz had to dye her blond, curly hair darker and smooth it out.“We get phone calls every week about hair, wardrobe,” Lenz says. If I want to put a clip in my hair we have to take photos of it and send it to L.

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