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[email protected] Old uk no later than TUESDAY 8th November. UPDATE 22/9: His funeral will be held at 2.15 on 4th October at Beckenham Crematorium We regret to announce the death on 8th August 2016 of Sustaining Member, The Reverend Canon Peter Heartfield (formerly Chaplain and Prior of Canterbury, St John's Hospital and Harbledown, St Nicholas Hospital).Sunday, September 18, 2016 Colin 'Tub' Davies We have been informed of the death of the above who was at the School 1944-1951. He was at the school 1939-44Volunteer Brian Roote (1944-1949), has continued his research into the staff and pupils who gave their lives in both World Wars.Overseas deliveries will take longer according to distance & quality of service. Roger Hill (1956-1964) sent in a series of photographs from the Play - 'Rehearsal'.They include: the Programme cover, Cast list, Names behind-the-scenes and 3 photographs from the Play itself (one courtesy of Peter Wright 1957-1964)The 2017 AGM & REUNION will be held at the BRIT School in The Crescent on 29th July from 12.00 mid-day. Full details will be circulated in late April/early May.The Service for Bernard was held at St Peter's Church, Croydon on Tuesday, 19th April at 11.30am Friday, March 25, 2016 Tony Weeks-Pearson We learned the following sad news today from Trevor James (1958-1965) "My friend and former English teacher, Tony Weeks-Pearson has died at the age of 84.He was an accomplished teacher of English, for which some of us are especially grateful; a highly successful coach of cross-country runners at Selhurst Grammar School; a playwright; and an athletics historian – and he was also a an international cross-country runner. Wednesday, February 10, 2016 Members' Magazine 2016 This year's Magazine is nearing completion and will be sent to proof-readers at the beginning of March.After that time, if you have any queries regarding this website, please continue to use the existing email address: Web [email protected] Old uk or click HERE and a member of the committee will reply to your request.The 2017 REUNION and AGM will be held at the BRIT School in The Crescent on 29th July from 12.00 mid-day. Full details were circulated in late April/early May Members who have paid the Annual subscription will receive full information with their copy of the 2017 Magazine.

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IF YOU ARE ABLE TO JOIN US at either event please let committee member Margaret Ziolek know by email Margaret.If you would like more details, contact Mike Gay-Cuming by email or phone him on 01622 738825 In recent months we have been pleased to welcome the following new members CHRIS DUKE 1956-1963 BRONWEN LAURENSON 1955-1962 NEIL MARSHALL 1961-1963 ANNE MOORE (nee Boswell) 1965-1969 CAROLINE STONEMAN (nee Presnail) 1956-1963 Sunday, July 31, 2016 2016 AGM - Voting Results At yesterday's event, existing postal votes were added to those who were eligible to vote on the day. All Members will be contacted in the coming months explaining the proposed next steps.Old Croydonian Maurice Furse (at the school 1905-07) served during WW1 and fell at Gommecourt on the first day of the Battle of the Somme.I'm down to earth person who pretty much easy to talk to and easy to please.I enjoy a lot of different things and there are still a couple of daring things I have my sights on. I enjoy the outdoors and when it comes to winter...

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