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In New Jersey, oak is most often encountered, with some chest nut and tulip used in a few barns.On the west side of the Hudson River in Ulster County, New York, oak again is most commonly used.The fourth barn of this type is found in Prattsville, Schoharie County, New York.Other barns of this characteristic type may have existed at one time.Original side entries, in addition to the normal gable end entries, allowed for the entry and exit of hay wagons in these barns.The east gable end wall has evidence that it originally had a pentice.The Wagner barn has a date of 1774 on one of its longitudinal struts.

There are about 30 five-bay barns and about six (6) six-bay barns. Two of these features act in concert with each other.Unlike almost all Dutch barns, it has an original sidewall entrance that apparently had a ramp leading up to the middle bay.Inside the middle bay an interior ramp in the side aisle leads up to the area above the anchorbeams.The two bents that flank the middle bay also have columns of oak. Oak is used where greater strength is needed and this seems to be an unprecedented arrangement of wood species usage in columns in a Dutch barn. The middle aisle or nave is precisely 25 feet wide and the side aisles each measure 13.5 feet wide. There are 15 pairs of hewn rafters and each rafter is 36 feet long.Other dimensions are among the greatest found in any Dutch barn. The 8 anchorbeams measure from 17.5 to 22 inches in height.

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