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Probably (not that that’s necessarily a bad thing either), but I’m sure there are male streamers who do the same and yet are rarely if ever harassed for doing so; nor are they harassed for using a web cam.But for female streamers, the very act of streaming can be a political decision, one that makes it difficult to see streaming for the rewarding and fun experience it really is.Now, this instance was fairly tame, but the more I’ve researched experiences women have had while streaming, the more I’ve found how common this sort of experience (and even worse) is.The chat section of any Twitch stream is often filled with trolls and hostile comments regardless of who the streamer is, though this is particularly true for members of any marginalized group.

They’re encouraged by fans to accept donations but then accused of being in it only for the money.

“BRUH SHE’S IN HIGH SCHOOL HANG UP,” a commenter wrote. “You can come over to my fucking apartment right now, I will fuck you up... Moving on from beating up/scamming on teens, Shkreli later read from a Pub Med study on Chagas disease, a parasitic infection. Benznidazole is currently given out for free in the US, where it is rare.

In South America, it runs about to 0 a treatment, which is important, because many people who contract Chagas are poor.

But before the 32-year-old CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals got fingered by the long arm of the law, he kept up a busy livestreaming schedule on You Tube.

Mostly, the livestreams aren’t very interesting; in general, Shkreli seemed to spend a lot of time playing video games.

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