Updating sansa e200 firmware

Larger SDXC cards (up to a theoretical limit of 2TB) will also work, but require reformatting to FAT32 before use. Unless you use the Database view your files will be displayed in separate folders.Hold down the centre button while you connect the USB-cable.If you hear a strange static noise while browsing the menus or during the quieter parts of songs, you are not alone.This is the sound of the Sansa "thinking" and is an unfortunate feature of the Sansa hardware.

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Now when I try to use sansapatcher, it gives me the error "OLD ROCKBOX INSTALLATION DETECTED, ABORTING". The sansapatcher tool has detected that you have previously installed Rockbox using the old installation method.

The list below shows versions of the original firmware (OF) that can be patched by sansapatcher/Rockbox Utility and have been verified to work with Rockbox.

If the firmware version of your c200 is not in the list, it may still work but just hasn't been verified yet.

It can therefore also be heard while using the original firmware, although it's slightly quieter according to some.

The microphone picks up noise from the LCD because of badly designed hardware.

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